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Arcana Vault + OS is an easy-to-use enterprise level custody solution that provides safeguarding and management of digital assets for crypto markets such as exchanges & fund portfolios.

Arcana Vault

Arcana Vault is a secure and scalable M-of-N distributed multi-sig cold storage solution that combines cloud Hardware Security Modules with consumer-level hardware wallets such as Trezor.

  • Multicurrency Support
    BTC, LTC, ETH, ERC-20 Token support out of the box with rapid deployment of any additional chain you require.
  • Cloud HSM
    Arca Vault is a temperature-independent cryptoasset vault that uses a cloud HSM to sign transactions and hold private keys. Your keys are always secure, never exposed, and always recoverable.
  • M-of-N Authentication
    Multi-signature authentication requires many authorized parties to coordinate and sign sensitive transactions at the same time.
  • Perfect Knowledge
    ArcanaOS delivers an information-rich real-time dashboard of your holdings, transaction history, activity logs, and alerts so you are always in the know.
  • Hardware Two Factor Authorization
    Use a Trezor hardware wallet to securely log-in and co-sign MofN transactions. No custom hardware needed. Arcana keeps it simple without sacrificing security.
  • Full Control
    Clear, settle, and execute transactions from anywhere in the world, 24/7 through the the browser-based interface.
  • Fiat Integration
    Ability to integrate with Bank APIs to provide fiat on/off ramp support.
  • Built-in Compliance
    Seamless KYC/AML support.

Arcana OS

ArcanaOS features an information-rich dashboard designed to give you the utmost awareness of status and actions in your vault. 


Our award-winning design & development team will work closely with your team to integrate with your order books, markets, and specific needs. We offer 24/7 support via email and phone.


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