Be the center of your crypto universe.

Arcana is the ultimate platform for cryptoinvestors. Storing your crypto with Arcana gives you direct access to the most profitable crypto investment tools available in one neatly packaged, super secure application. Effortlessly generate passive income, no matter the market conditions.

Bringing the best tools directly to you.

Your crypto should work for you, not the other way around. We’ve made it our mission to identify, simplify, and integrate the most profitable tools to secure and maximize your crypto wealth, all from one place.  

Invest like a pro with crypto tools like algorithmic trading, margin lending, and master node pooling. Say hello to Arcana and wave goodbye to your disarray of spreadsheets, logins, and private keys.

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Protecting you while you profit.

We've engineered a revolutionary distributed cold storage solution that gives you the security of a hardware wallet but with the convenience of a hot wallet. We call it the Arcana Smart Vault. But even beyond that, Arcana insures your holdings. With Arcana, you can finally sleep soundly again.

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Finally, crypto is easy to manage.

We've thoughtfully redesigned the crypto experience from the ground up. Just because cryptocurrency is based on PhD level math doesn't mean you should need one to manage your Bitcoin.

Crypto isn't hard, it's just been hard to use - and now we've fixed that.

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