Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arcana and Arcana Smart Vault Technology (SVT)?

Arcana is an intuitively designed all-in-one hub that empowers you to passively generate wealth while securely holding cryptoassets. We are a next-gen custodial platform that not only keeps your assets secure, but also integrates the top wealth generation products directly into your wallet. We make the best investments easily accessible to you through one simple interface. Arcana Smart Vau lt Techology (SVT) is our proprietary security infrastructure that allows us to offer you the security benefits of cold storage without compromising liquidity.

What problem does Arcana solve?

Today, we are forced to choose between security and investability of cryptoassets. Cryptoasset investors will know that the safest way to store cryptoasset private keys is in cold storage, but assets held in cold storage are unable to help you generate wealth. Moreover, the process of extracting funds is as cumbersome as unlocking the combination dial of your physical vault. While cold-storage and paper wallets offer security, they forfeit functionality and convenience. Now with our remote cold storage solution, you no longer have to choose between security and investability.

What cryptoassets and blockchains does Arcana support?

Currently: BTC, LTC, ETH, ERC20, NEO, NEP5. In development: EOS, ADA, XRP, Dash, ZEC, VEN

Are there deposit and withdrawal limits?

There is no deposit limit. Withdrawal limits are currently capped at 10BTC/day. Higher limit withdrawals can be done on an approval basis.

What is Arcana’s business model?

Arcana charges a fee for withdrawals and for various trades and transactions. Users can enjoy a discount on fees by using ARCA token.

Will my assets be safe when Arcana updates?

Yes. Arcana updates exist because we have found better, more secure ways to provide our services.

Will I need to provide identity verification to use Arcana?

Yes, you will need to provide identity verification to use the Arcana Wallet. We want to protect our ecosystem from money laundering.

Can I deposit fiat currency into Arcana?

No, Arcana will not support fiat currency initially.

How does the Arcana insurance coverage work?

Each user will be entitled to $10,000 USD coverage automatically.

Can the Arcana team access my funds?

No single Arcana team member will have access to any of your private keys, funds, usernames, or passwords.

ARCA token

The ARCA token is utility token that can be used to pay for transaction fees for all services provided within the Arcana network.

How does Arcana handle tax reporting?

In our upcoming release, Arcana will provide you with a report that shows your transaction history once a tax activity is triggered.

Is Arcana Compliant?

Yes, Arcana prioritizes compliance and security to provide our users with peace in mind. Here are some ways in which we are compliant. 1. Arcana ensures that our architecture and procedures comply with ISO/IEC 27001:203 and CryptoCurrency Security Standard. 2. Arcana will also launch the product before generating any tokens in the future, as our token will have true utility. 3. Arcana is applying for custodian licenses across various jurisdictions.