Store, Invest, and Track. All in one place.

Arcana saves you from the headaches and paranoia of managing dozens of accounts and keys across exchanges, wallets, portfolio trackers, and apps. Arcana makes you the center, providing everything you need in one place.

Graduate from the old crypto way of life and help us refine the crypto investment industry. Arcana is sophisticated crypto investment hub, bringing you the best features of the top crypto investment platforms like Cryptolend, Poloniex, Bitmex, Bittrex, Cryptotrader, and many more.

There's so much more to life than just trading and HODLing. Arcana empowers you to invest like the crypto elite without the learning curve.

Generate Wealth

Margin Lending

Arcana has partnered with Cryptolend to offer a powerful yet effortless method of earning passive interest with the funds you store in our secure vault.

Choose from a simple list of lending strategies available on major exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bitmex.

Master Node Pooling

Reap effortless rewards for being a part of the blockchain itself. Arcana lets you opt-in to store your Proof-of-Stake coins and tokens like Dash and Neo Gas directly on our staked node so that you can earn dividends just for HODLing.

Algorithmic Trading

Put your crypto to work whenever you want with algorithmic trading. We've curated the most effective strategies across top algorithm providers such as Choose from different algorithms for different market conditions and set your risk tolerance. Crypto-induced insomnia is so 2017.

Mainnet Swaps

Automatically receive mainnet swaps for the ERC20 tokens you hold. Don't worry about researching when and where this will happen, or what and how you should do it.

Automatic Airdrops

Arcana does the work for you and ensures you receive major air drops that you are entitled to. No action or effort required.

Security & Compliance

Arcana Smart Vault

Arcana has engineered a secure and scalable distributed cold storage solution called Arcana Smart Vault Technology (SVT). Arcana SVT adds the benefit of liquidity to the proven security of cold storage. Our architecture's robust network safeguards our users' cryptoassets across physical, digital, and jurisdictional spaces.

Arcana SVT is the backbone of our platform. By creating an infrastucture of digitally and physically distributed net-gapped machines, the deposit addresses you get on Arcana are the highest level of security you can enjoy comparable to a hardware wallet.

Our architecture consists of three layers of digital security. To understand the full details of our security architecture, be sure to download our whitepaper.

Portfolio Tracking

Portfolio Breakdown

Enjoy a clear breakdown of the assets you hold in our secure Smart Vault. Arcana supports over 500 coins and tokens including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, ERC20, and NEP5 tokens, with more being added regularly. Our goal is to create the most powerful birds-eye-view of your crypto position in a way that leaves no room for confusion.

Our goal is to create the most powerful birds-eye-view of your crypto position in a way that leaves no room for confusion.


  • See exactly how much your portfolio is worth in fiat currencies
  • See the performance of each coin
  • Get live market performance of each coin you hold directly from your dashboard
  • News and media links like Reddit, Twitter, and Medium for each coin accessible with just one click
  • View all your recent activity at a glance
  • View your portfolio performance history in an easy-to-understand graph

Feature Comparison

Wealth Generation
Margin Lending
Trading Algorithms
Automatic Fork Claiming
Automatic Mainnet Swaps
Automatic Gas Claiming
Master Node Staking
Full ERC20, NEP5 support
Performance Tracking
Geographically distributed cold storage
3rd party security audited and pen-tested
Compliant (AML)